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Complete Puppy & Dog Potty Training Kit

Complete Puppy & Dog Potty Training Kit
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Price: $59.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: Training Kit
Manufacturer: M&B Products
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The M&B Complete Puppy and Dog Potty Training Kit  is by far the world¹s best and most simple training kit now available to the public.  The kit contains one tray (14 x 20 x 3), two 2.5 lb. bags of M&B Proprietary Scented Mulch , one ORIGINAL M&B Products Potty Rock , one 2 oz. bottle of ORIGINAL M&B Products Potty Rock Activator , and one copy of Kirby¹s Helpful Hints to Potty Training a Puppy or Dog.

You will be amazed at the ease of training your pet when you consistently use the Original M&B Potty Rock  in conjunction with the M&B Scented Mulch now available  in kit form.

Apartment or in-home training is easier now by using our M&B Puppy and Dog Potty Training Kit.  When your pet is brought to the training tray, the proprietary scent in the Potty Rock  and Scented Mulch  stimulates your pet to use the tray rather than roam from room to room leaving accidents to clean up time and again.

Great for transitioning your pet from indoor training to outdoor training.  For those of you who have an outdoor yard area as well, transitioning your pet is much easier with the M&B Puppy and Dog Potty Training Kit.  After your pet is consistently using the tray indoors, you can then add the extra bag of mulch to a chosen area outdoors in your yard.  Regularly bring your pet to the outside designated area now enhanced with the M&B Scented Mulch and your pet will easily transition to that area as well.  At that time you can eliminate the indoor location with the tray and move the ORIGINAL Potty Rock  to the mulch outdoors.  Or you can keep the tray inside and your pet will have two chosen locations to potty.

Advantages to using the M&B Products Puppy & Dog Training Kit:

  •  You will no longer need to confine your pet when you are away from home.
  • Especially your older pets will be happier and less stressed because they will not have to frantically search for a place to go potty if they cannot get your attention right away.
  • Training puppies is easy because they are so easily stimulated to go potty and they are so frequently needing your attention to bring them out.
  • The amount of cleanup and smell from those strong cleaning supplies will be reduced throughout your home, not to mention the overall cost savings of the products.
  • It saves you money by reducing the chances of replacement of your flooring.
  • The kit contains all natural products and will not harm your pet or humans so it is safe to have out in the open.
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