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Potty Rock

Potty Rock
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Price: $18.95
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Model: Potty Rock
Manufacturer: M&B Products
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House train your dog the easy way with the amazing puppy potty training system Potty RockTM.  Eliminate dog urine stains and dead grass in areas of your yard where you do not want your pet K-9 to go.


  • House training your dog will become virtually effortless
  • Fragrance will not "wash away" quickly in rain
  • Significantly reduces dog potty training time
  • Keep dog urine marks off your lawn
  • Custom colors available</li><li>Works for male and female dogs
  • Small size - 4 1/2" X 7" X 3/4" size
  • Storeable and reuseable

Other Uses:

  • Parks
  • City Walking Paths
  • Kennels
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Way-Side Rests
  • Apartment Buildings

It has become amazingly easy to house train your dog - simply place the Potty RockTM in an area you want your dog to use instead of letting your dog roam to find a spot. It is best if you point out the Potty RockTM and designated area to your puppy a few times, then praise your dog when they go potty in the spot you've picked. Your dog will learn quickly to use that area of lawn, rock bed or "pottie garden" for their needs, keeping other areas of your lawn green and spot free. When you want to change an area of designation simply place the Potty RockTM in another spot and repeat the process. The pottyrock is cast with a built in fragrance that is almost irresistible to dogs, and makes house training your dog a quick efficient process. Potty train your family pet with very little effort!  The fragrance of this training device will not wash away in rain or deteriorate quickly in sunshine or inclement weather. This dog potty training device is reusable and can be stored in a zip lock bag for future use, making the Potty RockTM the ultimate dog training system for puppies as well as a full grown canine.  When you want to potty train a puppy, the Potty RockTM can be "man's best friend" as well as your puppy.

The Potty RockTM dog training system is sealed in a plastic bag with decorative packaging which creates an attractive retail store display. Included is an informational full color brochure with details on how to house train a puppy or adult dog.

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Potty Rock
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Potty Rock
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Potty Rock
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Potty Rock
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Potty Rock
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